My first solo show created with funding and support from Arts Council England.


I'd had the idea of a story about growing up and how we might lose a sense of ourselves if we lose our memories for some time By collaborating with other artists I was able to develop the idea and showcase the work with some small performances. 



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Journeys Festival


The Journeys Festival was put on by ArtReach to bring to life the talents and stories of people who have sought sanctuary in this country.


Alongside another storyteller, I met with wth refugees and asylum seekers, some of whom have been waiting over 10 years for asylum.  The task was to take their stories and perform them to highlight their situations and what they had gone through.

Phoenix Square - advert


It's not often I get the chance to work in front of the camera but this was too good to turn down. A really fun, and fast paced shoot in summer of 2013 on location at Phoenix Square in Leicester. Produced by Workspace1 and filmed by MGL Media.


The advert is a short film to promote Phoenix Square and the facilities there and was screened before feeature presentations within the cinema.

Reusing in Derbyshire

Animated film by Seed Creativity for Derbyshire County Council. I really enjoyed working on the voice over and this was an enjoyable job and a great chance to work with the talented team at Seed Creativity.



Origninating in Seattle during the mid-90's, 14/48 is The World's Quickest Theatre Festival. 14 new plays are created and performed in 48 hours with 7 writers, 7 directors, a large cast, and a team of musicians and designers and volunteers. 

For the first festival I was on board as a director and for the second I took part as a writer and for the third I volunteered as a photographer.


Chance for Change

A film for the charity Action Homelss about their new vision. Another one in front of the camera for me with a voice over that I also wrote.


The concept and make up was led by the talented Emma Fay with Kelly Odell and Charlotte Mahdoodi