An important part of this process will be collaborating with other people.

Although I've had the idea for a solo show for a while and I've been looking forward to writing and performing by myself, I've also wanted to be able to have smarter people than me on board to say things like "are you really sure about that?" or "YES, THAT!"


I'm really pleased, fortunate and excited to be working alongside the very talented and insightful Jon Spooner (Artistic Director, Unlimited Theatre); who is involved as a creative mentor. I thin kthe word "guru" now seems more apt. I've always admired and been enthralled by the work produced by Unlimited and remember vividly the first show of theirs I saw, "Neutrino", around 10 years ago.



To help plan and look ahead I'm delighted to also have the experience and wisdom of Mark Smith (Artistic Director, Spike Theatre) advising me throughout the process. I first started chatting to Mark via twitter and then was tickled greatly by "The Games" by his company Spike Theatre. We started having quite interesting chats about various crazy and not so crazy ideas.







I am giddily excited to be able to have the genuinely brilliant Eleanor Field on board. A couple of years ago I was working on scripts for different plays and couldn't get my head around how they would look as I kept thinking my ideas weren't possible or would look "wrong". Whilst doing some reasearch online I stumbled across some really vivid and quite stunning stage designs. These were by Eleanor. I honestly said "I'd really like to work with her some time." As soon as I knew I had funding, I contacted Eleanor immediately.



Jon Spooner

Mark Smith

Fragments is currently resting in the attic before possible dates in 2014

What have people said about it?

The world seemed bigger and more wondrous as a child with endless possibilities, whether these were up a faraway tree or on a snowy adventure with a stuffed tiger.

It can seem harder - not impossible, and not for everyone - to keep fresh these emotions and memories.  

So FRAGMENTS has turned into a quest; a quest to find the fun and adventure that seems to have been lost in the attic with the toys.

I'd like to invite you in as I open my suitcase and go on a journey to Rugby, the attic and New York; for a story about laughter, loss and – hopefully – bringing people together. 

Come and join me and Batman and have a cup of tea and a nice sit down.

Thanks to the ace and talented Rachael Smith Illustration for the design on the left and for making me look quite cool.

"Totally drawn into Nathan's story telling"
"Fragments is an interesting, thought-provoking and humorous show that tied itself together brilliantly."
"Beautiful story of reflection and searching for adventure"
"Go, it's supercute."

Eleanor Field